Call for equal ownership right for women farmers

Kathmandu, January 21:

Women peasants today called for getting equal ownership of land and initiation of land reforms.

Speaking at the South Asian Women Peasants’ Conference on ‘Right to Land, Empowerment and Liberation’, CPN (UML) Jhalanath Khanal said, “More than 90 per cent of the owners of land and property are men though it is women who spend more than 80 per cent of their time working as farmers in the field and they are still deprived of ownership.”

All Nepal Peasants’ Federation has organised the South Asian Women Peasants’ Conference on Right to Land, Empowerment and Liberation, from January 20-21.

“With the change in trends, we are trying to put an end to traditional barriers and create new polices. During the process of land reforms we will be concerned about granting equal ownership of land to women,” said Khanal.

“The South Asian people need government support and mainly for women peasants in this region,” he added.

According to Khanal, the principles of WTO are creating problems in the development of agriculture. There are many countries where the peasants get subsidy. Nepali peasnats have to pay tax on products they export but there are no tax barriers for the same products imported. “It’s time the country went for revolutionary and scientific land reforms.” he said.

CPN (UML) leader Sahana Pradhan also insisted on revolutionary land reforms and full ownership for women in land and property.

SAAPE chairman Dr Sarwa Raj Dhakal criticised government for not being concer-ned about the farming sector. “Women are more involved in the farming sector but they are the ones deprived of getting a platform. There is a need for appropriate laws and policies to boost women peasants here,” said Dhakal.

“Addressing Nepal as an agriculture country is

not enough if there is no facility for farmers and especially women peasants.

The South Asian region should now raise its voice

for a peasant revolution,” said Uma Koirala, chairperson of Women Peasants’