Kathmandu, January 10:

World Link Communications (WorldLink)

WorldLink is a pioneer IT services provider in Nepal with extensive expertise in data communications, Internet connectivity, V-SAT networking, wireless networking, software development, ICT consulting and bandwidth provisioning. In terms of subscriber numbers, WorldLink ranks as the largest ISP in the country in both retail and corporate clients.

WorldLink has satellite earth stations in twelve cities and operates as the largest private data network in Nepal. WorldLink is able to provide end-to-end leased-line or virtual point networking (VPN) data connectivity between these Points-of-Presence (POPs).

WorldLink has always been known for pioneering new Internet services in the market. WorldLink’s new wireless Internet service called Wi-ZOOM, cable Internet service and regular dial-up will feature prominently at CAN-Info-Tech 2007, says Rupesh Shakya, manager-sales and marketing, WorldLink. WorldLink is offering discount on cable Internet connection and bonus hours of up to 100 per cent on dialup connection during the event.

Vianet Communications

Established in 1999 as an Internet service provider, Vianet has been dealing in broadband Internet, wireless, cable, fibre, dialup Internet, email, web services and network consultancy services VPN since the beginning of 2000. Vianet is offering ‘Buy One Get One Free’ scheme on its all pre-paid dialup accounts and 20 per cent discount on the monthly rate of cable/wireless Internet during the CAN Info-Tech.

Websurfer Nepal

Websurfer Nepal is one out of the 17 subsidiary companies of Websurfer UK and a leading Internet bandwidth supplier in Nepal. “We have the biggest network of Fiber-Optics system around the Kathmandu valley to provide broadband cable Internet,” says Suman Lal Pradhan, marketing director, Websurfer Nepal.