Capex remains sluggish

KATHMANDU: Though the Ministry of Finance (MoF) has set a target to spend 29 per cent of allocated capital expenditure within the first quadrimester of the current fiscal, the actual spending till yesterday stood at paltry 6.23 per cent.

Surprisingly, the ministries themselves had set the target while entering their programmes in Line Ministry Budgetary System.

According to the data maintained by the Financial Comptroller General Office, Rs 20.87 billion out of the allocated Rs 335.17 billion capital budget has been spent.

The government’s total expenditure stood at 16.55 per cent or Rs 211.62 billion over the last four months, which includes 22.74 per cent or Rs 182.75 billion in recurrent expenditure and Rs 7.99 billion or 5.7 per cent in financing.

The government has collected Rs 191.41 billion in revenue during the review period, which is 26.22 per cent of total target of Rs 730 billion.