China protests over US quota

Shanghai, August 3:

China today protested a decision by Washington to consider imposing quotas on five types of Chinese-made clothing. The protest by Chong Quan, spokesman for the ministry of commerce, came just minutes after the ministry said it welcomed a US move to postpone a decision on trade curbs for six other types of apparel. Chong warned Washington against ‘misusing restrictive measures’ to avoid harming broad trade ties.

A surge in China’s exports of textile products since worldwide quotas were lifted at the beginning of the year has become a key source of friction between Beijing and Washington. US officials and manufacturing groups contend that soaring imports are harming American textile producers.

The commerce ministry expressed ‘strong opposition’ after the US commerce department’s committee for Implementation of Textile Agreements(ITA) said it would accept an industry application for curbs on imports of skirts, pajamas, swimming suits, shirts and socks.