Chouri festival begins

Babiyachaur, July 24:

Chouri — the festival that is celebrated by drinking the fresh blood of the chouri cow (a cross between domestic cattle and yaks) and which is considered to have ayurvedic properties — has begun in Khopra Lek in Myagdi district.

The festival began on Tuesday in an area located at an altitude of 3660 metres above sea level. The festival will continue till Saturday, said Rudra Bahadur Tilija, president of the festival organizing committee.

The milk of the chouri cow that grazes on Himalayan herbs is believed to cure diseases like gastric and increase resistance to diseases. Thousands of people have been visiting the Khopra Lek area to have a sip of chouri cow’s fresh blood.

The organisers of the festival charge Rs 60 per cup for blood drawn from the neck of the cows by using special methods. The festival is organized twice a year — in Baishakh and Shrawan — in Myagdi and Mustang districts, said Thaman Tilija, a member of the Nangi Paudwar Chouri Festival organizing committee.

In Mustang, thousands of people have reached Marche Lek in Kowang VDC for the festival. Organisers said drawing fresh blood from the cows up to two times a year by using special technique does not have any negative impact on the health of the cows.