Gyanendra Gautam

Baglung, June 10:

Farmers in Baglung district have been attracted towards the use of compost fertilisers due to its impact on increasing agricultural output. Compost fertilisers are slowly replacing chemical fertilisers here as farmers have started using compost fertilisers increasingly by forming community groups. There are more than 39 community groups in Mudikuwa, Shankarpokhari, Thapathana, Karkineta and Devisthan VDCs in Baglung district only. Parwat Community Development Organisation (PCDO), assisted by Long-term Land Management Programme (LLMP), which provided training on the preparation and use of compost fertilisers has encouraged farmers to use compost fertilisers.

After farmers learned to prepare the compost, they have been attracted towards the use of compost fertilisers. The method for preparation of compost fertilisers is quite easy. The banmara, titepani, asuro, sisno, bakaino grass including amila, pira, tarra, timur, lasun, chilly, pina, ahledo and onion are grinded and mixed with cow dung. The mixture is then kept in plastic drums for a month. After a month, the material inside the plastic decays and gets ready for use as compost fertiliser. Almost all farmers in the district prefer to use compost fertiliser rather than chemical fertilisers, said Thaneshwor Bhusal, treasurer of PCDO.

Since farmers have started using compost, agricultural expense has decreased by 80 per cent, he said.