‘Correction Manual’ in offing

Kathmandu, April 24

The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) is preparing to issue a ‘Correction Manual’ targeting the quake beneficiaries who have partially or fully built their houses but have failed to comply with the building code of the government.

As per NRA, the correction manual will guide such quake beneficiaries to retrofit/restructure their houses as per government’s building code, allowing them to be eligible for the second tranche of housing grant being provided by the government.

“A large number of quake beneficiaries have started building their houses after getting the first tranche of housing grant, but have not complied with the building code. Hence, they have been deprived of the second tranche of the grant,” Yam Lal Bhoosal, spokesperson for NRA, said, adding that the manual will give such beneficiaries a chance to make necessary modifications to their houses to meet the standard set by the government.

A draft of the ‘Correction Manual’ has been developed in consultation with the engineers and the NRA is expected to approve it soon.

As per NRA, 49,000 quake beneficiaries have started constructing their houses after receiving the first tranche (Rs 50,000) of housing grant. However, only 35,396 quake beneficiaries have so far applied for the second tranche of housing grant. “Out of the applicants for the second tranche (Rs 150,000) of the housing grant, applications of 3,870 beneficiaries have been rejected as we found that they have not constructed their houses as per the building code,” informed Bhoosal.

According to him, these quake beneficiaries will be able to get the second and third tranche of housing grant only after they restructure their houses as per the correction manual and meet the housing code standard of the government.

The government is providing Rs 100,000 as the third instalment of the housing grant to quake beneficiaries.