Country’s largest fishery in Tatopani

CHAUTARA: Commercial fishery has begun on a huge scale at “Rainbow Trout Machhapokhari” of the country in Tatopani VDC of Sindhupalchowk district.

Last year, 40 modern ponds including hatcheries for breeding fish were constructed with an investment of some Rs 11 million at the initiatives of four local entrepreneurs. Around 45,000 trout were introduced into the pond. Farmers have planned to put another 50,000 fish next year.

The group of four, Bhim Bahadur Magar, Shanta Dhwaj Khadka, Mahendra Prasad Gorasaini and Bhim Bahadur Ghatani established an organization — Mansarowar Himalayan Rainbow Trout — aiming to start a different business since most other people are into the business of Chinese goods in Tatopani area, the border of Nepal and China. Ghorasaini said they sold 3,500 kg fish during the current fiscal year and another three tonnes of fish is ready for selling in the market. For fish, 0-21 degree Celsius temperature is considered moderate.

It is said that the fish produced in this area costs Rs 600 per kg. But the dressed fish after packing costs Rs 750 per kg. Ghorasaini said they have managed the provision of selling fish from Maharajgunj, Jwalakhel and Balaju in the capital by establishing sale depots.

Fish produced in Tatopani has high demand as it contains fewer bornes and is less oily. It has also been proved that fish contain Aamegathin, an element which works as a medicine against heart diseases and supports brain development.