Custom offices lack chemical lab

Biratnagar, November 29:

Biratnagar custom office and Mechi custom office in the eastern region do not have laboratories to test chemicals being imported to Nepal via these custom points. Chemicals being imported via these custom points are sent to Kathmandu for necessary testing.

There is a provision of testing the quality of imported chemicals in laboratories for evaluation of custom charges of the chemicals. Only the custom department has such a chemical laboratory.

Custom offices and industrialists have been demanding the establishment of chemical laboratories in custom offices outside Kathma-ndu valley as well. As the major part of imported chemicals is used in Biratnagar, industrialists here have been urging the government to establish a chemical laboratory in Biratnagar. In contrast to this, food products imported in Biratnagar are tested at Biratnagar itself after the establishment of Food Laboratory in Biratnagar. Chief of Biratnagar custom office Harisharan Pudasaini said sending imported chemicals to Kathmandu for test delays the work of the custom office.