Dangol, Shakya, Maka bag awards

KATHMANDU: Man Raj Dangol, Mahesh Shakya and Kedar Maka bagged first, second and third prize at the 6th Craft Competition held during the 8th Handicraft Trade Fair at Bhrikutimandap from February 18-22.

Similarly, Udip Shakya and Niranjan Shrestha won the consolation prizes of Rs 5,000 each from Clay Molding Sculpture.

Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal (FHAN) -- to promote young craftsmen and highlight their skills -- organised 6th Craft Competition during the 8th Handicraft Trade Fair at Bhrikutimandap from February 18-22.

Man Raj Dangol won Rs 20,000; Mahesh Shakya won Rs 15,000; and Kedar Maka won Rs 10,000 after being declared first, second and third

respectively. According to Pushkar Man Shakya vice-chairman of World Craft Council for Asia Pacific Region and former president of FHAN, this year the craft competition was different as the craftmen showed their skill on the spot.

Shakya also informed that this year craftsmen - along with the winners of the craft competition - will be participating in the World Craft Excellence Award. Nepal has won the World Craft Product Excellency Awards for four times earlier. "This year the award ceremony is being scheduled for October," said Shakya.

In case of Felt products design Ninu Pradhan was awarded for the best design with cash prize of Rs 10,000. Ritu Shrestha won Rs 10,000 for best design of Pashmina product and Rajan Sangachhe won Rs 10,000 for the best silver jewellery design.

Dan Bahadur Chaudhary state minister for Industry felicitated the winners of the 6th Craft competition.

The five-day 8th Handicraft Trade Fair and 6th Craft Competition ended on February 22 on a high note. The fair saw a business worth Rs 50 million. The fair had incurred a total of Rs 4.4 million expenses.

With seven billion transactions annually, the handicraft sector alone has a contribution of 8.71 per cent employment. According to FHAN, 42 different handicraft products are exported to 80 different countries abroad. "To create more of its demand in the domestic level and to promote the Nepali Handicrafts and start direct interaction between the buyers and sellers, the fair is organised," FHAN said.