Daring destiny

A vibrant and daring person Sunita Nhemaphuki Khanal was born and raised in Bhaktapur. Since childhood she was more into taking the lead in everything and also built the library at her school. She also started collecting money from women of her village and provided loans to people in need charging a certain interest rate and would utilise the rest of the money for welfare of the people.

While doing her Bachelors in Business Studies she worked as a Media Marketing officer at Bhaktapur FM. Khanal found it difficult to study accounts and finance and later shifted her faculty to Mass Communication and studied at the College of Journalism and Mass Communication. She started her own company ‘Link Ad Agency’ in 2004.

Khanal says, “My family members were in government jobs and they wanted the same for me. I just followed my intuition and started the company at 18, when I had nothing. It was difficult to manage but I did it with a lot of hard work.” She adds, “I rented a shop at Tinkune and was providing service to clients. In those days internet phone was popular, so I started a booth in the next corner.” She says that she has 12 employees working under her and the company was enjoying good turnover until 2009.

However, she closed the company and went to study at Dhaka University, Bangladesh in 2010 to pursue her Masters in Journalism. She returned in 2012 and started working as a CEO at R & D Innovative Solution. The company provides agricultural services to farmers. “Lack of information and knowledge is the main obstacle in the agriculture sector. To inform and empower farming communities we started an agricultural magazine ‘Krishak ra Prabidhi’. Also, we initiated a club to provide a networking platform for farmers, technicians and policy makers. Later, we started Krishi Udhyamshala, to inform people about the agro industry and also guide people through business plans. Also through R & D green mart we are helping farmers all over Nepal by selling their unsold products and providing them the with a competitive price,” says Khanal.

Talking about her challenges she says that the early days were rough. “I cried a lot when I did not have money to start my ad agency. People did not trust me. The meeting with clients would happen late at night, and most client wanted dinner date with models which morally I did not agree with,” says Khanal. Today, she says that she is proud of herself to have started a magazine which inspired people to start their own businesses and be good at. In 2014 she was chosen as a finalist in the Surya Nepal Asha Social entrepreneurship awards.Talking about her future plans she says that she wants to increase readership of her magazine from 5,000 to 10,000 and to take Krishi Uddhyamshala into the international market and bring FDI in the country. She also says that in the coming years she wants to expand R & D Green Mart and increase its visibility.