Kathmandu, September 16

Transport entrepreneurs have agreed to open the booking of bus tickets for Dashain from Friday (September 21).

Transport entrepreneurs agreed to open the advance booking of bus tickets following consensus with the Department of Transport Management (DoTM) on their demands to adjust public transportation fare and unblock the bank accounts of transport bodies.

Of the two major conditions that transport entrepreneurs had placed before opening the pre-booking of bus tickets for Dashain, DoTM has agreed to adjust public transportation fare after the end of the festive season and vowed to write a letter to responsible government agencies recommending them to unblock the bank accounts of transport entrepreneurs.

“DoTM has pledged to address both the issues. We expect the government to fulfil its commitment in the near future,” said Saroj Sitaula, general secretary of the Federation of Nepalese National Transport Entrepreneurs.

Transport entrepreneurs had been seeking adjustment in public transportation fare in line with the increasing fuel price. Similarly, they had also been asking the government to unblock their bank accounts which were frozen as a measure against their attempt to promote syndicate in the transportation industry.

Meanwhile, DoTM officials have said that the government will soon prepare an inspection modality to make sure that people can book their bus tickets in a proper and fair manner.