Defaulting industries to face action

CHITWAN: The Inland Revenue Office, Chitwan, is preparing to prohibit the production of Mount Everest Brewery Limited at Bharatpur.

The move comes after the producers of Everest and Golden Tiger brands of beer failed to pay Rs 280 million in outstanding revenue to the government and the company still dithered in paying the amount after missing the deadline.

The Lalitpur tax office sent a letter to the Inland Revenue Office, Bharatpur, this week for recovering the arrears and slapping a ban on the company’s output. The Inland Revenue Office, Bharatpur, stated it had also been reminding the company of dues owed repeatedly.

The company had been clearing the arrears at the rate of Rs 4 million per month after prodding from the Lalitpur tax office. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has also ordered the disconnection of power supply to the company after it failed to clear the arrears. NEA said the company is yet to pay its electricity bill of Rs 7 million.

Meanwhile, the Inland Revenue Office, Bharatpur, is preparing to initiate action against 20 industries and firms for not clearing the arrears that they owe to the office despite repeated reminders to them. Hotel Machan, Gainda Wildlife Camp, Dalima Restaurant, Purna Stores and several construction firms are among the defaulting companies.