Demand for fibre optic internet on the rise

Kathmandu, May 10

The number of subscribers using fibre internet services in the country has increased significantly over last one year, thanks to domestic internet service providers (ISPs) prioritising fibre optic internet over cable and wireless internet services.

The latest Management Information System (MIS) report prepared by Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) shows that 278,805 people in the country had subscribed fibre internet services until mid-March this year — an increment by 201,810 subscribers over the last one year.

There were only 76,995 subscribers of fibre internet service in the country until mid-March, 2017.

NTA officials said the growing demand for quality internet among subscribers and rising internet demand in different sectors have led to an increase in the number of subscribers of fibre internet services.

As fibre optic internet transmits data faster than common cable or wireless internet service and ensures more consistent internet speed, the demand for fibre internet service is on the rise in the domestic market. Similarly, ISPs in the country are rapidly switching their internet services to fibre optic.

Along with the increasing demand of fibre internet, the demand and consumption of wireless and cable internet service has declined, as per NTA.

The MIS report shows that though there were 56,544 wireless internet subscribers and 64,215 cable internet subscribers until mid-March last year, the number of wireless internet subscribers and cable internet subscribers has come down to 49,723 and 55,728, respectively until mid-March 2018.

Altogether 384,256 people have been subscribing to fibre, cable and wireless internet services in the country.

“Along with the rising demand of internet in Nepal, people are seeking quality internet. As fibre internet service is more reliable compared to other internet services, its demand has been increasing in recent years,” said Min Prasad Aryal, spokesperson for NTA, adding that access to internet is certain to increase in coming years following technological advancement in different sectors.

The MIS report prepared by NTA shows that WorldLink Communications has the largest number of fibre internet service subscribers (166,951) followed by Vianet Communications (42,835) and Classic Tech (30,025).

Currently, 25 ISPs are providing fibre, wireless and cable internet services in the country.

“ISPs have been switching to fibre internet services as it is more reliable,” said an official of the Internet Service Providers’ Association of Nepal.