Dhading pre-fest remittance Rs 15m daily

Dhading, September 24:

The flow of foreign remittance to Dhading district on the eve of Dashain from those who working abroad has surged to over Rs 15 million daily. And, this is the amount handled by Kala International Pvt Ltd alone since the last few days. KIPL was set up at the district headquarters Dhadingbesi to disburse the remittance amount to recipients in the district.

People from the villages are thronging Dhadingbesi to receive their money. The Gulf countries, the US and Europe are main source countries of these remittances. KIPL manager Ram Chandra Giri said remittances from abroad had surged remarkably on the eve of Dashain festival.

Merely a year ago, Dhading people had to go to Kathmandu or Narayangarh to take delivery of remittances sent from abroad. However, ever since Rastriya Banijya Bank and local money transfer companies began operations things became easier, said a Dhading local Beena Mamwa adding that earlier during transit they used to face the risk of theft and loot.

Employees at money transfer companies are busy as bees due to the surge in transactions. More delivery offices have opened in Dhading district’s Gajuri, Malekhu, Arughat and other places. Over 100 men go abroad daily for employment from Dhading district.

The bulk of the remittance money goes to meeting house expenses at the local level. As the economic condition of the district’s people is poor, they mostly spend the money on purchasing salt, edible oils, food grains, their children’s education.