Diaspora to play vital role to achieve 2030 goals

KATHMANDU: Experts and stakeholders have said that the diaspora community has to play a constructive role for achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Speaking in panel discussion titled, ‘Vision 2030 and NRNA’s Role’, Swarnim Wagle, vice chairman of National Planning Commission, said the country has to achieve the 2030 goals, which have been internalised in Nepal’s long-term plans and policies.

“We have started our journey towards achieving 2030 goals through internalising the 17 goals and 230 targets of the global goals,” said Wagle.

As Nepal has aimed to graduate to the league of middle-income countries by 2030, per capita income of the Nepalis needs to be increased from current $800 to at least $2,500, as per Wagle. He urged the diaspora community to join hands with the government and the private sector to achieve the global goals. “The problem of haphazard migration, lack of adequate physical infrastructure and connectivity are the major issues that need to be tackled.”

Addressing the programme, State Minister for Finance Udaya Shumsher Rana stressed that the massive investment in infrastructure as well as businesses is the need of the hour to transform the country’s import-based economy into production-led economy.