Dying storage centre irks spud farmers

Mangalbare, October 28:

The Potato Development Centre, built four decades ago at the cost of millions of rupees, is in a decrepit state and because of lack of storage facility, potato farmers here are facing problems. The centre, spread over 448 ropanis of land in Jogmai, Jamuna and Pyang was shifted to Dhankuta district in 1980. Since then, its 13 buildings have remained in a sorry state with two already collapsed.

The government had constructed the buildings with a view to promote largescale potato cultivation, but the run-down state of the physical infrastructure has not encouraged anyone, said a local of Jamuna, Janash Jairu. He said farmers in the area have been awaiting repairs to the buildings. Other locals also echoed Jairu. They said if the buildings were not repaired soon, they would crumble to pieces. Locals want the potato storage centre restored to its previous condition.