Economic revolution key

Kathmandu, May 5:

Maoists chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ today vowed to mobilise people-force to bring an economic revolution.

“Nepalis have already shown a miracle through a swift political transformation. The next miracle will be transforming Nepal into an economically prosperous and developed country with the participation of people within the next decade,” he said addressing an interaction organised by four export related organisations — Garment Association of Nepal (GAN), Central Carpet Industry Association (CCIA), Nepal Pashmina Industry Association (NPIA) and Nep-al Carpet Exporters Association (NCEA), jointly, today.

“If Nepalis can overthrow age-old feudalistic monarchy, economic revolution is also not a distant-and day-dream under a strong leadership with political will,” he said, adding that private sector should join hands and ply a catalytic role.

He said that people have mandated Maoists to lead new government. Prachanda urged private sector to cha-nge its perception towards the Maoists, who, according to him, are committed for protection and promotion of national capitalism. He further said that Maoists-led government would start taking action against the corrupt from the top level.

Dr Babu Ram Bhattarai, second-in-command of the Maoists, said the party’s economic model would be bas-ed on ‘Prachandapath’ (ideology of Prachanda), which will promote national industrial capitalism with utmost priority to utilise domestic resources. “Our model will be full of indigenously developed ideas and techniques,” he said, adding that revival of closed and sick units would be given a top priority.

“We are ready to form a labour commission with tripartite representation of government, employers and labourers,” he added.