Electricity generation in Fewa project halted

Pokhara, June 30:

Electricity generation from Fewa Hydro Power Project (FHPP) situated at Pokhara-17, Pardi has been halted for the past one week, as local farmers are using water from the canal to the powerhouse for paddy plantation.

1,088 KW of electricity is generated from FHPP, using water from Fewa Lake.

Accounts chief of FHPP, Rajendra Thapa said that electricity generation from the project would remain halted for over two months. Thapa added that talks are going on between Biruwaphant Farmers’ Consumer Committee (BFCC) and FHPP to give water to the project for electricity generation for the next month.

“The power house could resume operations only if water level rises in Fewa Lake. But it is a distant possibility,” Thapa said. He added that electricity generation is halted, as first priority must be given to farmers.

Local farmers lock the canal to the powerhouse to use its water for irrigation for three months every year. The canal is taken to the powerhouse through the paddy fields of local farmers.

FHPP is being operated under Nepal Electricity Authority.

Member of BFCC, Lila Bhakta Acharya said water would be given to the powerhouse only after three months after farmers finish their plantation and irrigation. The capacity of FHPP is 600 MW and it was constructed in 2025 BS.

Similarly, electricity generation at Seti Hydro Power Project situated at Nadipur of Pokhara has been affected due to the pollution in the canals of the powerhouse.

Electricity is generated through Seti Hydro Power throughout the year and over 8,000 MW of electricity is generated from the powerhouse yearly.

Seti Hydro Power Project was constructed in 2042 BS with financial support from the Chinese government worth Rs 730 million.