Entrepreneurs urge govt’s commitment

KATHMANDU: The business community today complained that the budget has not given domestic industries a level playing field. They opined that government has to work with private sector to fuel growth. They also blamed the government for imposing tax without proper homework.

“Time bound commitment is needed to boost the confidence of private sector,” the entrepreneurs said at an interaction organised by Federation of Nepalese Chambers of commerce and Industry (FNCCI). They also complained the finance minister Surendra Pandey for not giving level playing field to the agro-based industries like sugar, flour, ghee and oil.

“Budget has crushed the Crusher Industry,” said Kris-hna Sharma, president, Cru-sher Industry Association.

The budget is not at all encouraging to the export-oriented industries, Prashant Pokharel, president of Garment Association of Nepal said adding that

government has to lobby for duty-free quota of Nepali products in the US market as it would benefit domestic products.

Kush Kumar Joshi, president of umbrella organisation of Nepali private sector welcomed the budget but urged for an effective implementation. “Government has to clarify reason of the price hike and cannot always blame private sector.”