Escorts to sell more tractors in Nepal

Kathmandu, May 22:

Escorts Ltd, a leading Indian agri-machinery manufacturer, eyes Nepal market with

aggressive expansion plan for the coming years.

Escorts, which is already a market leader in farm tractor segment with over 30 per cent market share in Nepal, now plans to increase its annual sales to 1,000 units in a year, said U P Singh, regional business manager (East) of Escorts Ltd.

Singh, who was in Kathmandu last week to host a regional dealers’ meet, said, Escorts would now focus on after sales and customer care services in order to further solidify the relationship between the manufacturer and customers. Escorts would continue to provide better sales and after sales services through its authorised distributor Morang Auto Works (MAW) in Nepal.

“Escorts has 12 sales outlets along with service centre across Nepal, which will be increased as per the customers demand and need,” said Singh, adding that Escorts would soon open a fully automated workshop for tractors with dedicated and trained team of engineer in Biratnagar within this month. “This is the first of its kind service centre in Nepal,” he added.

As a part of aggressive marketing activities, Escorts plans to expand its sales to all areas including hills and mountains, where new roads are being built and demand for high-powered tractors is high. According to him, Escorts’ three models including FarmTrac, PowerTrac and Escorts are very popular in Nepal.

Singh was of the view that Nepal needs to promote use of machinery tools in agriculture, particularly for planting, harvesting and short-distance transportation. “Mechanisation in agriculture is a must to bring in about agro-revolution, which will eventually lead for economic

revolution in the country like Nepal,” he said.

Presenting an Indian example where the government has exempt excise duty on tractor for agricultural use and provides additional 30 per cent subsidy, Singh suggested Nepal government also to extend support to farmers for usage of tractors in farming activities.

“Use of agro-machinery tool like tractor can increase activities in farm and help to generate more employment,” he said.