Evaluation meet begins

BIRATNAGAR: The Eastern Regional Agricultural Directorate has started a two-day long seminar to evaluate the second quarterly performance of the current fiscal year 2065-066.

Some two dozen offices of the 16 districts in the Eastern region including agricultural development offices, plant quarantine offices, fishery development centres and farm and agricultural training centres are presenting the progress report of their respective offices.

They will hold evaluation discusion also. Discussion on the problems faced by the offices, building condition, arrear settlement, essential budget for agricultural development, impacts of strikes on the agricultural trainings, problems faced by the Saptakoshi flood victims and employees’ crunch will held in detail during the two-day seminar. It is said that the offices under the Eastern Regional Agricultural Directorate have yet to settle 50 per cent of arrears.

Out of the total arrear of Rs 20. 02 million, only Rs 10.11 million has been settled so far.