Everest Med starts media campaign

Kathmandu, July 30:

Everest Med Pvt Ltd (EMPL) — the only Nepali company that manufactures disposable syringe in technical guidance from a Korean company — has launched a nationwide media campaign to educate the people for the safe use of syringes.

“The company certified by ISO – 9001: 2000 for its management system, sells its products under the brand ‘Lifeline,” states a press release.

Some of the lifeline products are Intravenous Cannula (IV Cannula), Intravenous Fluid Infusion Set (IV set), Urine Collection Bags, Bandage Than, Absorbent Cotton Gauze Than, Rolled Cotton Bandages, Absorbent Cotton Wool and Cotton Crepe Bandages.

Lifeline disposal products have been confidently used by major national hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, pathologies and other health organisations, according to the company, which has a vast and strong marketing and distribution network throughout Nepal.

The company aims to make a complete solution for healthcare surgical disposable products and contribute towards building a ‘Safe and Healthy Nation’ and to start its export to neighbouring countries.

However, due to open border and no monitoring agency in medical and surgical products, the import of unsafe products are increasing day-by-day, claims the company.

The company thinks that the presence of unsafe and unbranded syringes imported freely from

China and India could

be detrimental to the public health.

“No monitoring body for quality control and an unhealthy competition between the traders, due to low valuation at the border points, are some of the serious threats to the public health the need immediate attention” states company press release issued here today.