Export of readymade goods plummets

Biratnagar, June 11:

Export of readymade goods from Nepal to third countries has decreased by almost 60 per cent due to prolonged political instability, entrepreneurs said.

Export of readymade goods from Nepal to India and third countries has decreased due to various reasons such as internal conflict, workers’ strike, extortion drive by different groups, load shedding and unavailability of raw material in time.

Central member of Federation of Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI) Champa Lal Rathi claimed that export of readymade goods from Nepal to third countries and India has decreased by upto 60 per cent.

Readymade goods exported from Nepal to third countries include readymade jute, tea, leather, soap and noodles. These goods are mostly exported to countries like the US, Germany, Italy, Bangladesh and Bhutan.

The senior vice-chairman of Morang Trade Association Mahesh Jaju, said the export of goods from eastern region of the country has been affected due to political instability. He added that exports to third countries couldn’t be increased until a favourable environment is created.

Businessmen of the eastern region are being compelled to suffer a significant amount of loss owing to decrease in the export of goods to third countries, the office issuing certificate of origin at Biratnagar, said.

Till the middle of May, garment products worth of Rs 400 million was exported to US while soap worth of 202 million, leather worth of Rs 185 million, tea worth of Rs 19.1 million and noodles worth of Rs 3.5 million were exported from the eastern region of Nepal to third countries, the office added.