Fair Price Shops to offer discount in vegetables and dairy products

KATHMANDU: The government on Sunday decided to offer discounts, in vegetables and diary products sold from Fair Price Shops across the nation.

A meeting held in presence of the Minister for Supplies Shiva Kumar Mandal and other stakeholders decided to offer Rs 10 discount in ghee and paneer items produced by the Dairy Development Corporation during festive season, today.

Minister Mandal also directed the stakeholders to supply hygiene meat products during the festivals.

Similarly, Nepal Food Corporation and Salt Trading Ltd would also offer discounted prices on vegetable products.

Chairperson of the Nepal Fruits and Vegetable Market Forum Khom Prasad Ghimire said they would provide potato and onions on lower rates compared to market rates during the festive seasons.

"We will sell products on a nominal rate, adding transportation cost only, garlic, gingers and pickles would also be added," Ghimire added.

Meat Entrepreneurs Associations have pleaded to provide hygiene meat products in a discounted rate in upcoming festivals.