Famed Good Earth throws its roots in Nepal

KATHMANDU: Many international names are paving their way into the Nepali market, giving the valley a taste of well-known names from India. Valley dwellers can now look forward to the opening of yet another well-established Indian product coming in to Kathmandu.

“The change in trends is visible, people want quality goods as opposed to cheap products, and we are bringing in Good Earth with a motive to create an environment for quality and durable goods,” said Rainashree Pande, proprietor of Good Earth in Nepal.

Good Earth products in the valley are being launched by Ramalaya Design Establishment, which has opened its flagship retail outlet Ramalaya, this March.

“We are trying to bring in a concept shopping experience, where retail therapy is the order of the day. A sanctuary for shoppers, where one is never short on stimulus or comfort.” added Pande

Pande said that Good Earth uses rich festive colours and designs of India and recreates new contemporary designs in all its collections designed for dining and entertainment, bed linen, cushions and home décor.

“It will surely do well and we are expecting a good response from the people here as they have now really started looking for quality goods and are willing to pay the price for anything that is authentic as well as resilient,” added Pande. The rising trend of international brands coming into Nepal marks a progressive change in brand tastes and the awareness factor underlying the creation of a strong market for foreign investors.

Established in 1996, with its first store in Mumbai, Good Earth is today recognized as a trend-setting design house which has created a unique aesthetic reflecting contemporary Indian style.The store has outlets in major cities in India as well as in Singapore.

The official launch of the store is on March 23, at Ramalaya in Panipokhari opposite the Embassy of Japan.