Rastriya Samachar Samiti

Bhojpur, March 9:

Farmers in rural areas of Bhojpur district have begun to adopt chilli farming as one of their main sources of income.

According to the district agricultural office, chilli production is good in the whole district.

But Bhojpur, Taksar, Dalgaon, Bokhim and Ranibas village development committees (VDC) have been developed as pocket areas for chilli production.

Farmer Bishnu Prasad Adhikary has proved that it is not necessary for hard-working people to go abroad to earn money. He has made a net profit of Rs 160,000 in an year by cultivating Akbare chilli on 14 ropanis of land.

Akbare, Jire, and Lamche are the major varieties of chilli being cultivated in the district, according to the district agriculture office.

Adhikary, who is also the proprietor of Siddhakali Akbare Chilli Industry, said he not only sold his produce in Dhankutta, Morang, Sunsari, Kathmandu, Sankhuwasabha and other districts but also exported them to other countries. According to him, he produced 36,000 siblings of Akbare chilli last year and sold them throughout the district.

Sujan Tamang of Dalgaon VDC-6 also said he earned between Rs 20,000 to 25,000 from chilli farming.

He has been producing both dried and green chilies as well as chilli pickle and making good money by selling them locally and in other neighbouring markets.

An official at the district agricultural office claims that people of the district will not have to go abroad for employment if market for chilli and a proper transport system can be developed.