Farmers registered with Morang DADO benefit from SMS advisory services

Pathari, September 7

The farmers in Morang district who are registered at the District Agriculture Development Office (DADO), Morang, have lately been able to avail agricultural advisory services through text messages on their cellphones.

Altogether, 350 farmers in the district were benefited from the SMS agricultural advisory services initiated by DADO, Morang, this week.

The undertaking aims to empower peasants with information related to their field and also seeks to offer solutions to the problems they face in agricultural activities through the telecommunication service.

DADO, Morang Chief Rajendra Uprety shared that they are trying to bring as many farmers as possible under their ambit to create an enabling environment so that the farmers do not have to take the trouble of visiting the concerned authority in person just to place their requests for any government facilities.

“Plans are afoot to provide at least 50 mobile phone sets to peasants who don’t have mobile phones,” he added.

Many farmers have been reporting crop diseases, mostly in rice, wheat, pulses and the like, to which the DADO, Morang, disseminates information on how to prevent or cure such diseases.