FDI at Rs 151 billion in 252 companies operating in Nepal: NRB

KATHMANDU: The current level of Foreign Direct Investment in the Nepalese industrial sector has reached Rs 151 billion, NRB officials informed.

Speaking at an event organised by the Society of Economic Journalists-Nepal (SEJON) under the theme of 'Export Promotion' on Wednesday, Executive Director at NRB Nara Bahadur Thapa informed that consumables have a high rate of business in the country and eight of such industries with high turnover of consumables operate with FDI.

The investment has been channelled into 252 companies, out of which, 37 are manufacturing industries and 11 of them produce exportable goods, said Thapa.

“Ginger, cardamom, tea and such other exportable consumables must be produced in huge quantities and exported not only to India but other countries too. Moreover, carpets, ready-made garments and Pashmina should be aggressively marketed,” experts said.

Likewise, majority of the speakers in the event stressed on revision of pegged currency system with India, increasing investments in production based sectors, development of entrepreneurship, and optimum utilization of technical and physical infrastructures.