Festive season pulls down outbound workers’ number

KATHMANDU:The number of Nepali blue-collar jobseekers going abroad reduced by one-third last month compared to the corresponding period last year. Around 10,325 Nepali migrant workers left Nepal for 11 countries between mid-September and mid-October, Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) data show.

The number is 30.62 per cent less than during the same period the previous year. Around 14,883 Nepali were hired overseas in the fiscal

year 2008-09.

Malaysia, a major destination of southeast Asia, was at the top of the organized migration ladder last month. Malaysia hired 4,869 Nepali job aspirants between mid-September to mid-October. Saudi Arabia was in second position, hiring 2,119 Nepali migrant workers in the period.

Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have secured third and forth positions, hiring 1,503 and 1,118 Nepalis, respectively. DoFE has taken the fall as a result of the festive season. “Correction trend will begin from November when the festivals end,” said Kashi Nath Marasini, department director. The same trend had been seen in festive seasons in the previous years. Around 3,942 Nepalis left for more than four dozen countries through individual contracts last month. The number of Nepalis going abroad for jobs increased significantly in 2009. Only 2,525 Nepali had left for overseas jobs in the same period last year. Qatar was in top

position regarding individual contracts hiring, followed by the UAE and Kuwait. Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait hired 1,488, 1,218 and 500 Nepalis, respectively, from mid-September to mid-October.

Lebanon has become the most favoured country for Nepali women migrant workers after the closure of Israel. Lebanon hired 356 women workers last month. Israel has slapped a ban on Nepali workers since April 24 after finding more thousands of Nepali workers in illegal status.

Riyadh wants more labourers

KATHMANDU: Saudi Arabia is planning to recruit more labourers in the construction sector. Jobs in this

sector will increase by twenty-five per cent in the coming months, Recruiter, a website of Saudi Arabian outsourcing agencies, said on Saturday.

Manpower outsourcing will be used to meet growing demand, the Recruiter quoted human resource company Dulsco HR Solution as saying. Construction companies are calling labourers from various countries including Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar and India. Saudi Arabia hired 48,749 Nepalis workers in the fiscal year 2008-09. Around 2,50,000 Nepalis are believed to be working mainly in the construction sector there. — HNS