First phase of petroleum exploration in Dailekh district completed

Kathmandu, March 10

The first phase of petroleum exploration in Dailekh has been completed.

Chinese teams that had been carrying out exploration works in the district have returned after accomplishing first phase of exploration, as per Department of Mines and Geology (DoMG).

Four Chinese teams that also comprised representatives from DoMG had started the exploration works in different areas of the district in November.

Ganesh Tripathi, geologist at DoGM, informed that four Chinese teams — each dealing with survey works, geological works, import of necessary equipment for the exploration, and seismic survey, respectively — have returned to China after accomplishing their responsibilities.

The Chinese teams had carried out exploration works primarily across Dullu Municipality, Bhairabi Rural Municipality, Mahabu Municipality and Narayan Municipality of the district.

Similarly, exploration works were carried out in Chamunda Bindrasaini Municipality, Dungeswor Rural Municipality, Naumule Rural Municipality and Bhagawati Rural Municipality in the district, as per DoMG.

The survey has been initiated across 10 seismic lines in the district covering an area of almost 200 kilometres and in the core area underneath the Earth’s crust where petroleum storage is available, as per DoGM.

As per Tripathi, a report of the petroleum exploration works carried out in Dailekh will be prepared soon and decisions will made regarding further exploration works.

Earlier, the government had awarded a Chinese team the contract to carry out exploration of petroleum products in Dailekh and Palpa. The Chinese team, after the initial drilling phase, is preparing to determine the types and amount of petroleum products located in the respective areas and possibilities of commercial exploration of the commodities.

In April last year, a Chinese team from China Geological Survey had observed and conducted a feasibility study of petroleum exploration in Surkhet, Dailekh and Palpa districts and also in Chatara-Barahachhetra areas of Sunsari district.