Flavours galore

Kathmandu: Most people start their mornings with a healthy glass of fresh fruit juice. And, most of our juices come in tetra packs from our local cold stores. Among many fruit juice brands available on the shelves of these stores, Dabur Real is the most sought after product. To the consumers’ delight, Real has recently added new variants under Real Burrst in two flavours — Apple and Litchi.

Abhaya Gorkhalee, Head of Marketing at Dabur Nepal Pvt Ltd, informs that Burrst Litchi and Apple were developed after extensive consumer research and through working with a cross functional team in order to ensure that they do not ignore any of the voices of the target consumers.

Gorkhalee says, “Real juice has a market share of around 50 per cent in the non-carbonated soft drink category in Nepal. Real is continuously looking forward to delight consumers by introducing

innovative products to cater to the needs and taste of the consumers’.” He informs that since Real is a popular household brand in Nepal they always focus on the quality that reaches these households.

Currently, Real has four different products — Real juice, Real Activ, RealBurrst and newly added Real wellnezz flavours. These products come in 200 ml tetra pack and one litre packs with a wide range of flavours — mango, pineapple, orange, mixed fruit, guava, grape, litchi, apple, tomato, cranberry, sweet lime, pomegranate, plum, apricot, et cetera. Real Burrst Apple and Litchi are priced at Rs 23 and one litre packs ranges between Rs 205 to Rs 225.

According to Gorkhalee, Real has also introduced their Real Wellnezzz series under which they have launched the first variant — Jamun targeted at the health conscious group and there are a few more in products in the pipeline including Real Activ Mixed Fruit.

Dabur Nepal always strives to come up with the best quality products by focussing on consumer’s insights, says Gorkhalee. He shares, “Each year we carry out a range of marketing campaigns through which we engage with our consumers and strengthen their trust and credibility towards our brand. We are also actively working on adding new flavours to cater to a wider range of consumers.”

The brand is also on the way to upgrading their advertising. Gorkhalee says, “Whenever we introduce new products in the market, we try to communicate the same to our discerning consumers through various forms of advertising — be it traditional mass media or emerging online platforms.” He further says, “We are focusing on promotion and advertising campaigns to communicate our new offering to our consumer. Dabur Real spends around Rs 100 million on branding, promotional activities and campaigns.”

Gorkhali shares that there are a few international and local competitors that make up about half of the market share in the overall market. “Although the beverage market in Nepal is flooded with products which are just flavoured drinks, Real is a healthy option made from some of the best quality fruits and packaged in Tetra Pack Aseptic technology that assures high quality and

hygiene of the product,” he says.

Talking about the production, supply and demand of their products, he shares, “Our production actually

depends upon the market demand. Depending on demand our production is around 800,000 to 1,200,000 cases per month during the peak season that starts from April to August and that includes export to India,” informs Gorkhalee.

He informs that 60 per cent of total sales are covered by the seasonal sales. Gorkhalee claims that every year, Dabur Real’s market is growing by 15 to 20 per cent. According to him, Dabur Real is a market leader in the tetra pack juice segment with annual turnover of 10 billion. He further adds that exports to India is 70 per cent of their turnover.

As a promotional initiative Real conducts ‘Real School of Nepal’ — an annual inter-school competition. Students across the country are given a platform to demonstrate their talent by engaging in debates, extempore and other extra- curricular activities.