Flower exhibition in full swing

KATHMANDU: The third Chrysanthemum Competition and Exhibition started a week early at the city hall today and will go on till October 8.

The Godavari (chrysanthemum) is very important to

Hindu festivals and very significant in the preparation of garlands during weddings as well as festivals. With Tihar right around the corner, this exhibition already has a good start.

A competition for best stall and flower show was organised as well. Maharjan Nursery won first place while Samjhana Nursery and New Sunflower nursery won second and third place, respectively.

The exhibition has 19 nurseries participating while 16 more will be showcasing their flower produce for buying and selling purposes. “We are expecting at least 30,000 visitors, and hope to generate upto Rs 1 million,” said Floriculture Association Nepal president Arun Chhetri.

New Lucky Enterprises, authorised sole distributor for Asia Tech Company Limited, is also displaying its granular and liquid organic fertilisers. The exhibition will be on for three more days at City Hall along Exhibition Road.