FNCCI stresses on lasting peace

Kathmandu, October 7 :

Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) has asked all the concerned parties for a peaceful and long lasting solution of the ongoing conflict in the country.

Issuing a press release in the eve of summit peace talks slated for tomorrow, the apex body of Nepali private sector has reiterated its stand of establishing sustainable peace through dialogues. FNCCI has urged the seven party alliance (SPA) and the CPN-Maoists to give way out to the current political stalemate through the summit talks on October 8.

In an aftermath of prolonged conflict, the country has already experienced a great setback in its socio-economic development. Loss of resources has pushed the country almost a century back.

FNCCI has also expressed that the talks would solve all the political differences and pave a clear path for overall strong socio-economic development of Nepal.

“The SPA and the Maoists leaders will set an example in the world through peaceful solution of the problem,” FNCCI statement seems hopeful. “The talks must give a way out without any further delay.”

It has also warned that talks should not be postponed or delayed.