More than 75 per cent progress has been achieved in the 18 projects initiated by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) with the aim of providing high-speed broadband internet service across the country.

According to NTA, broadband internet service has been provided in 5,225 secondary schools so far. By mid-March out of 18 packages under the Rural Telecommunication Development Fund, 100 per cent work of 13 packages had been completed. Internet service has also been started in selected places of 50 districts.

Similarly, of two projects more than 50 per cent work at the specified places in 10 districts has been completed.

It is also mentioned in the progress report issued by NTA that via three packages, service providers have been selected for the network and connectivity connection in the places specified for 14 districts.

NTA has implemented the project of providing broadband internet service using the funds of Rural Telecommunication Development Fund in 18 packages. According to NTA, internet connection has been completed in 15,982 places out of 18 packages so far.

Aiming at supporting the government's Digital Nepal campaign, NTA started this project in 2019 in association with the internet service providers.

Under this facility, municipalities, rural municipalities, ward offices, community schools and community health institutions of the select districts will receive free internet services for next two years.

A version of this article appears in the print on March 29, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.