Gold goes into seesaw mode again

KATHMANDU: Gold this week closed at Rs 27,435 per 10 gram — Rs 170 more than the opening price last Sunday.

This Wednesday, gold was traded for Rs 28,120 per 10 gram — the highest price this week.

According to Nepal Gold and Silver Dealer’s Association (NEGOSIDA), gold opened this week at Rs 27,265 per 10 gram. On Monday, gold was traded for Rs 27,350.

Tuesday saw a hike of

Rs 350 and gold was traded for Rs 27,700.

On Thursday, gold was priced at Rs 28,075 per

10 gram.

Meanwhile, silver opened at Rs 454.50 per 10 gram. On Monday and Tuesday, it was priced at Rs 450 per 10 gram. With an increase of Rs 4.50 on Wednesday, silver got traded for Rs 450.50 and remained at the same price on Thursday. Silver closed at Rs 450 per 10 gram, said NEGOSIDA.