Gorkha Beer to gratify Aussie gullets

Kathmandu, October 5:

Gorkha Beer — the authentic Himalayan brew — the flagship brand of Gorkha Brewery (Pvt) Ltd Nepal and the only premium quality Nepali beer is being exported to Australia. Mitho Nepali Restaurant in Brisbane is the importer.

Gorkha Brewery started exporting the beer in 2007 to Japan, Hong Kong and Macau.

It was also exported to Belgium in Europe, from where it spread to other European countries. Beer aficionados in these countries simply love the tangy, crisp taste of Gorkha Beer.

Gorkha Beer was launched in Nepal to cater to tourists and locals who preferred high quality premium local beer and also for exporting ot to various countries in the developed world where consumers look for something special.

The demand for Gorkha Beer in most of the advanced countries in Asia, Australia, US and Europe is increasing.