Government concerned over World Bank report

KATHMANDU: Government has expressed concern over the report, 'Doing Business', prepared by the World Bank.

The report made public recently has painted grim picture of the trade and investment environment in Nepal, officials said.

Nepal achieved a score of 105 last year but the score was revised to stand at 110 this year, hinting at a weakening state of trade and investment in the country.

At a programme organised on the occasion of the 7th National Tax Day, Finance Minister Yubraj Khatiwada expressed concern over the report and informed that it would be revised.

"We have reservation on the report as our rank was downgraded citing the minor issue of tax. We've urged the concerned stakeholder to revise the report," Minister Khatiwada said.

"The World Bank has said it will send a team, so the report will be revised," the minister informed while adding that the government would make efforts to better the score.

The report has incorporated 190 countries around the globe in the list.