Government to allow fertliser import via China


The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development has decided to allow the import of fertilisers through China, realising that importing fertilisers from India alone would not suffice.

Agriculture Inputs Company Ltd has called a global tender for the import of fertilisers through the Chinese border. Issuing a notice on Saturday, AICL called a tender to import 50,000 tonnes of fertilisers from Bangladesh.

Recently, the government had decided to buy fertilisers from Bangladesh for which AICL called the tender.

Interested bidders have been requested to submit requisite documents by September 25. Bids will open on September 27.

AICL claimed that they were giving top priority to the tender process so that fertilisers would arrive within 35 days of completing all the processes.

The ministry also allowed import of fertilisers ordered from other destinations through the country’s border with China.

According to the ministry, it has also started the process of allowing the import of vegetables and other goods via China.

However, since the import of fertilisers is of immediate concern, the MoALD has focused only on that for the moment.

As per the ministry, fertilisers imported via Rasuwagadi and Tatopani borders will be useful for areas close to the Chinese border. Meanwhile, AICL also called a tender for the import of 60,000 tonnes of urea five days back.

To fulfil the immediate requirement, AICL has also called a tender to import 5,000 tonnes of diammonium phosphate via China. The company whose tender is accepted must deliver fertilisers to Kathmandu, Dhulikhel and Trishuli.

Fertilisers imported through Tatopani border must be delivered to Dhulikhel, while fertilisers imported via Rasuwagadi border must be delivered in Trishuli. Meanwhile, fertilisers that are imported via India must be delivered to Kathmandu.

Since the companies that were awarded the contract to import fertilisers have failed to do so, AICL has been compelled to call a bid again. AICL has also blacklisted those companies.

AICL had signed an agreement with Shailung Enterprises and Hobiko Multiple on April 24 and 27, respectively with a target of importing fertilisers by May 12. As per the agreement, the first shipment was supposed to have arrived within 42 days from the date the agreement was signed and the second shipment within 72 days from the day the agreement was inked.

A version of this article appears in e-paper on September 21, 2020, of The Himalayan Times.