KATHMANDU: Finance Minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat said that the government was committed to create industry-friendly atmosphere in the country. During his meeting with office-bearers of the Confederation of Nepal Industries (CNI), which dwelt on upcoming budget, the Finance Minister pledged to do his best to incorporate feedback given by private sector/business community for the promotion of business sector, in the new budget. " However, the government is not in a position of addressing all agenda of the Confederation in the budget, he said, urging them to understand such compulsion of the government. Stating that the promulgation of a new constitution has been almost certain, Minister and Constituent Assembly member Dr Mahat expressed his hope that the promulgation of the new constitution would help stabalise politics which obviously leads to the promotion of industrial sector. According to him, the government has a policy of promoting large scale industries. The CNI suggested the government ensure provision of conducting environmental impact assessment for the industries with more than Rs 250 million investments.