Kathmandu, November 20 Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Gokarna Bista has said that the government is committed to ending forced labour and human trafficking. Speaking during the inaugural session of a threeday conference titled ‘Reaching Sustainable Development Goal 8.7 on Eradicating Forced labour, Human Trafficking and Child Labour’ here today, he said the government is fully committed towards combating the complex issues of eliminating child labour, forced labour and human trafficking in all forms. “Forced labour, human trafficking and child labour are crimes against humanity and serious violations of human rights,” said Bista, adding that the government recognises them as crimes against the state and is ‘committed to provide best possible care and protection to the innocent children who are our future’. Stating that the constitution has ensured the rights to all citizens against exploitation, he added that in line with the constitutional provisions and through tripartite consultations among the entire constituents of social dialogue, the government has formulated several acts and rules, including the Labour Act 2017, Children Act 2018 and Social Security Act 2018, among others. “The government has also amended dozens of acts and rules, including Human Trafficking and Transportation (Control) Act 2007, to update and incorporate progressive reforms.” Minister Bista said the government has put decent work, employment and social security in its topmost priority. “The ministry, along with the concerned actors and stakeholders, has commenced implementation of the National Master Plan on the Elimination of Child Labour (2018-28) in line with the Sustainable Development Goals,” he said. The conference has been organised by International Labour Organisation (ILO).