Govt spent 82.78pc of budget last fiscal


The government was able to spend only 82.78 per cent of the total budget of Rs 618.10 billion in the last fiscal year 2014-15 due to low expenditure in capital budget.

The government spent 70 per cent of the total earmarked capital budget of Rs 116.76 billion in the last fiscal, according to the Financial Comptroller General Office (FCGO).

Similarly, the government spent 84.42 of the recurrent budget worth Rs 398.95 billion in salary payment of civil servants, grants to local bodies and debt servicing. Of the Rs 102.39 billion allocated for financing provision last fiscal, the government spent 91.12 per cent on investment in state-owned enterprises and for principal repayment.

The government failed to meet the target even after it had revised it during mid-term review of fiscal budget 2014-15. It had revised its target to spend 90.35 per cent of the total budget and had also revised the expenditure target of recurrent expenditure to 92 per cent and capital budget to 85 per cent.