HAN bristles at US trade advisory

KATHMANDU: Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) has urged the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs (MoTCA) and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) to take immediate action against the travel advisory issued by the US goverment.

In its travel advisory, the US goverment has warned its citizens not to travel to Nepal. “Nepal has always been one of the best tourist destinations,” HAN said in a statement adding that the number of American tourists visiting the country has been increasing after the establishment of democracy here. Now, due to the travel advisory issued by the US goverment Nepali tourism sector will be greatly affected.

According to HAN, even during the insurgency period, the association took great care to protect the lives and property of tourists entering the country. In keeping with the announcement of Nepal Tourism Year 2011, HAN has taken great care to provide better security to tourists in comparison to the past, read the statement. The association said that the US step would have a negative impact resulting in dire consequences for Nepali tourism. HAN called for strong action to mitigate the problem.