Healthy growth by all sectors leads share trading up

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, April 16:

Propelled by all-group growth, share trading at Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) continued to show a bullish trend. The Nepse index, which posted a growth of over five points last week, registered a 2.61 points increment this week. Share trading at the country’s sole secondary market opened with its index at 290.65 points on Monday. The Nepse index went up to close at 293.26 points on Wednesday. Weekly share trading analysis reveals that all major scrips including the commercial bank, manufacturing, hotel, insurance, finance, trading and development bank groups witnessed growth in their respective indices. The hotel group only remained constant. According to Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd, the total weekly transaction value and number of shares traded, however, decreased as compared to last week. This week’s total transaction value stood at Rs 41,807,304 from 1,205 transactions of 110,582 share units. However, last week’s total trading value was Rs 63,343,800 thro-ugh 1,977 transactions of 145,714 shares.

Among the gainers, the commercial bank group secured a growth of 1.54 points. The group, which is the largest scrip at Nepse, closed up at 322.02 points from the opening 320.48 points on Monday. The Nepse index of manufacturing group went up to 279.80 points from the opening 278.03 points. The group had gained ground last week, too. Continuing a robust growth trend, the insurance group posted a healthy growth of about nine points. The group’s index that opened at 284.31 points on the opening day climbed up to 293.16 points. The group had posted a growth of over 19 points last week. The other group, which had remained constant last week, registered a remarkable growth of about 14 points. The Nepse index of the group closed at 329.28 points on the closing day, from the opening 315.31 points. The trading and finance groups were also gainers. These groups’ index closed at 116.33 points and 207.85 points from the opening 115.53 points and 206.91 points respectively. Both the group had gained last week, too.

Likewise, the development bank group posted a growth as its index closed up at 229.52 points from the opening 227.69 points. The hotel group, however, remained constant at 176.65 points throughout week. The commercial bank group continued to dominate the Nepse floor as it captured the largest chunk of total share trading. The group secured 92.27 per cent of the total share trading followed by the insurance group at 3.26 per cent. The finance group was in third position with 2.58 per cent. The manufacturing group contributed 0.81 per cent while the other group cornered 0.55 per cent. The trading group had a share of 0.34 per cent and the development bank group had a share of 0.18 per cent. Lumbini Bank Ltd topped the race in terms of number of transaction with 303 transactions. Bank of Kathmandu is the largest trader having highest number of traded shares and monetary values. A total of 23,056 shares of the bank were traded at Rs 10,522,094.

With introduction of odd and regular trading lot, the Nepse floor remained open for only three working days this week. During three days on regular lot, shares of Nabil Bank Ltd, Nepal Investment Bank Ltd, Standard Chartered Bank, Nepal SBI Bank, Nepal Bangladesh Bank, Everest Bank Ltd, Bank of Kathmandu, NIC Bank Ltd, Laxmi Bank Ltd, Machhapuchre Bank Ltd, Kumari Bank Ltd, Lumbini Bank Ltd, NCC Bank Ltd, Nepal Life Insurance, Life Insurance Corporation, Nepal Merchant Banking and Finance and Butwal Power Company were traded.