Hetauda to introduce IPT

HETAUDA: Hetaunda Municipality has decided to impose Integrated Property Tax (IPT) system from July 16. After the implementation of IPT system, the city denizens can pay house tax and the tax of the land-covered by the house in a lump sum.

The provision of giving discount on

the house and land tax will not be implemented after the new system comes into effect, said legal officer of the Hetaunda Municipality BK Maharjan.

Earlier, the municipality had been giving discount on the tax of immovable property up to worth Rs 1 million. After the implementation of the IPT, the municipal residents have to pay tax of any immovable property, said Maharjan. The IPT system would help to bring the people into tax network, said executive officer of the municipality Bharat Raj Dhungana. The tax bill will be sent to every house as the bills of electricity and water tariff, he said.

The municipality is about to arrange for electoral billing to provide its service in a quick and prompt manner, said account officer Shanker Prasad Upadhyay.