Honey lacks market

Mangalbare, June 13:

Beekeepers in Jirmale VDC of Ilam are a worried lot after the honey produced in the village could not find market. Farmers said they have been finding it hard to sell honey. They extract honey two times in a year — in Apri-May and October-November.

A farmer Dal Bahadur Moktan said a modern hive can produce about 40 kg of honey at one time. He said the honey produced last year has not been sold yet.

Each farmer in the VDC has one to 18 beehives. The total production is at least 1,000 kg of honey every year. Earlier, the honey produced in the VDC used to be sold in the local markets and in markets in Jhapa and India at Rs 300 to 400 per kg.

However, due to rise in honey production in the recent times, the VDC alone could not consume the honey, it has produced. Jirmale VDC is considered the best pocket area — in the eastern region — for beekeeping.