Indian bikes hold sway on market

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, June 23:

The grip of Indian motorcycles on the Nepali market is increasing steadily, due primarily to their quality, service facilities and reasonable prices. Indian motorcycles hold an estimated staggering 96 per cent of the market share in Nepal. The rest is taken up by Chinese motorcycles, say dealers. However, Indian motorcycle dealers disclosed that the overall market growth has been dissappointing for the past three years. Despite this slag in business, motorcycle sales contribute about five per cent to the national coffer as revenues. The Indian motorcycle brands that hold sway in the market include Hero Honda, Yamaha, Bajaj, LML and TVS. Each company has various models to satisfy the demand of different strata of clientele. Although, there are variations according to different, most companies ensure a minimum level of quality to keep up their customer base, claimed motorcycle dealers. It is estimated that a total of 24,000 to 25,000 motorcycles are being sold in Nepal every year.


Yamaha motorcycles have a strong presence in the Nepali market which hold over 32 per cent of the market share, claimed Morang Auto Workers, the sole authorised distributor of Yamaha brand of motorcycles in Nepal. Yamaha, being manufactured from India, sells over 7,500 motorcycles in Nepal and maintaining three to five per cent annual growth. Sushil Shrestha, marketing manager of Morang Auto Workers, the seller of Yamaha brand of motorcycles said, the sale of Yamaha motorcycles is increasing and lovely with Nepali motorcycle riders. According to Shrestha, the various models of Yamaha motorcycles available in Nepal are Crux, Libero LX, YBX, Fazer, Fazer deluxe, Enticer and Enticer Deluxe. Each model of Yamaha bikes is updated, say company officials. The price of Yamaha motorcycles ranges from Rs 92,900 to Rs 1,43,900. Crux is the new bike launched by MAW. Yamaha brand of motorcycles have features such as higher ground clearance, longer wheelbase, and longest suspension of 120 mm, extra large fuel tanks, among others.


Bajaj brand of motorcycles marketed by Hansharaj Hulaschand Golchha (HHG) has been recording a strong growth in the Nepali market. This year, Bajaj brand of motorcycles posted a 39 per cent growth against the 22 per cent registered last year. During the last fiscal year, it sold over 5,800 motorcycles of various models. Popular Bajaj models include Eliminator, Pulsar, Discover, Calibre and CT, informed Raju Chhetri, senior manager of HHG. Of these, Discover is the newly-launched bike. Most sold bikes from the Bajaj stable are Discover and Pulsar, says Chhetri. Bajaj has features such as extra long suspension, extra-long wheelbase, and ride control switch, extra bright headlamps, among others. The price of Bajaj motorcycles range from Rs 91,900 to Rs 1,48,900.


The LML motorcycles use the ‘customer-friendly’ tag as their unique selling proposition. Following significant growth in sales last year, LML brands have recorded a low growth this year. According to Nishan Shrestha, sales officer of Shreeansh Trading Concern Pvt Ltd, the number of LML motorcycle sold, stands only at 4,500 to 5,000 this year as against 7,000 motorcycles last year. The various brands of the LML motorcycles available in the market are Adreno, Energy and Freedom Topper (latest model), informs Shrestha. According to him, the sale of these bikes specially meant for people who work in development projects, has been hit due to the reduction in development budget by the government. Despite such problems, LML continues to hold about 22 per cent of the market, claimed Shrestha. The LML motorcycles have features like unique T-control frame, suspension system, choke and electrical switches, unique side stand and pass by switch. The price of LML motorcycles ranges from Rs 1,05,550 to Rs 1,39,900.