New Delhi, January 1:

At least 50 per cent of 200 major registered dairies in India are not only ISO series compatible but meet global quality standards, says a study by the Indian Dairy Association (IDA).

Despite the relatively high domestic consumption levels, India’s exports of dairy exports incre-

ased from 25,000 tonnes last year to 30,000 tonnes this year, thanks to the quality level.

The IDA quality survey to ascertain the status of 200 major dairies registered with the Milk and Milk Products Authority (MMPA) received responses from 160, with a handling capacity of over 10,000 litres a day of milk or 500 tonnes of milk solids per annum.

“Not only were 100 of the 160 respondents found to be ISO 9000 series compatible but in the case of 80 dairies they also had processed food quality HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) accreditation,” said Animesh Banerjee, president of the industry lobby IDA.