Indian tourists boost Singapore’s visitor arrivals

Singapore, June 28:

A boost in the number of Indian tourists pushed visitor arrivals to a new record in May, according to tourism data released today.

A total of 8,28,000 tourists visited Singapore last month, the 63rd consecutive month of record numbers and up by 0.8 per cent from the same period in 2007. More than 4.25 million travellers visited the city-state during the first five months.

The breakdown showed 1,03,000 from India, a 60 per cent increase over April’s 63,000. The surge propelled Indians into the No 2 spot on the list of arrivals.

Indonesians emerged on top with 1,36,000 visitors and those from China ranked third. With the peak months of July, October and December still to come, the city-state is on track to meet the target of 10.8 million visitors this year.

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has been wooing Indians in the past few years. Their arrivals have been rising since 2005, reaching 7,49,000 last year.