Industries at standstill

Inaruwa, August 25:

The condition of the majority of industrial units in the country’s eastern region is shaky due to obstruction in transport after the Sunsari portion of Mahendra Highway was swept away by the roiling Saptakoshi River.

With transport at a standstill, access to the market for goods, raw materials and technicians is badly hit, said the eastern region Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Many industries in the east have closed down as raw materials could not arrive from India because most of the highways there also have been obstructed in Bihar state because of the havoc unleashed by Koshi River, said Sunsari CCI secretary Giridhari Sapkota.

Golchha Organisation proprietor Raj Kumar Golchha said food-producing industries in the

east were also on the verge of closure.

Sunsari CDO Durga Prasad Bhandari said talks were on with India to open the highway and it had sent positive signals about restoring traffic on Mahendra Highway by building the Koshi embankment soon.